News & Events
  • October 18th: Odissi Performance for the Inauguration of Yoga Schule Littenweiler
  • October 25th: Odissi Performance for ICF ,Indian Culture forum: Stuttgart
  • October 31st: Bharathanatyam performance for DIG (Deutsche Indische Geselschaft-Indo German Cultural Society) Freiburg

"Dance has moulded me into what I am. The softness and transperency of art through its beautiful and intricate movements and vivid expressions has made me  very carefree, confident as well as compassionate in my day to day life. It is amazing how Dance makes such a big diference in an individual, in terms of personality development as well as character formation. I strongly believe one has to be emotional to feel the divine pleasure of  Dance.  When I dance, I forget the world, and thats what draws me to it."
- Gayatri Tribhuvan


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